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Cat Sleeping

Wanna visit? How do you make a booking?

We HIGHLY encourage making a reservation to see the cats. We cannot guarantee availability for walk ins as we want to ensure guests and cats are in a comfortable setting.

We would like everyone to have an enjoyable experience.


  • Select 1 of the 3 booking classes below that you prefer, Monday (Adult Night), a Weekday or Weekend session

  • Click the Book Now link below for your choice of class.

  • Select your choice of time based on availability for that day.

    • There are sessions available for 30 or 55 minutes and begins at the top of each hour. The session allows up to 6 partcipants. 

    • Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your session to allow time to park and get anything you would like to drink during your visit.

    • All reservations start promptly at the time chosen in your booking and cannot be extended past your scheduled time.

    • Please call if you are running late! If you are more than 15 min late without calling, you will forfeit your spot to a walk in.

    • No outside food or beverages permitted

  • Choose how many people are joining you and follow the prompts to secure your session.

    • Please know we allow up to 6 people at a time in the Lounge for each session and you may be sharing the room with others unless you book a private session and select all 6 spots for that session. 

      • All ages are welcome in the lounge providing they follow the Cheshire Rules. The cats safety and well-being is our number one priority! We reserve the right to ask guests to leave without refund if they continue to disregard the rules after receiving a warning.

      • More than 2 children in a party under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by more than one adult. If you have small children, we ask that you explain to them that the cats do not like loud yelling, or disruptive behavior and they will run into the other room and most likely not want to play. We have books that the children can look at and toys to gently play with the cats. 

  • Review Rules and Waiver

  • Submit your completed reservation form to secure your session and payment

  • Join us to hang with the kitties!

Why is there a booking fee?

Just like visiting other animal venues, a cat cafe is an experience but always interactive. With any experience there is a fee that gets incorporated back into the necessary components that are needed to care for the animals. For Frabjous Catfe, these include our caring Frabjous team, the space of which the cats live freely until they find their furever home, electricity, water, heat and air conditioning to make their stay as comfortable as possible. However when an adoption is made, all adoption fees collected go back to our non-profit partner, Paws For Life NC.


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