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Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Cheshire Lounge Guidelines

Just a few things to note before you to enjoy your visit:

  • Visits begin at the top of the hour and last 55 minutes. Walk-in reservations are welcome as space permits 6 people at a time. If the hour is fully booked, we have no additional space for walk-ins but welcome you to reserve for the next available space.​


  • Let the cats come to you and be gentle when petting cats who come by to say hello. Please don't pick them up, they will climb on your lap if they desire. They usually approach cautiously, sniff, lick, rub against you, or bonk their head on you. In fact, being picked up may make a cat feel like they're being taken by a predator. It isn't natural for a cat, so even though you have friendly intentions, it may scare them.


  • Use inside voices. Cats have very sensitive hearing, so please speak quietly, silence your cellphones, and take your phone calls outside.

  • Let sleeping cats lie. If you see a cat sleeping, please do not disturb them. Nobody likes to be woken up from a good nap!

  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. One adult must be present per 2 children ages 12 and under, no exceptions. Please keep a close eye on your children, for their safety, and the safety of the cats.

  • Please leave any catnip, laser pointers, and outside treats at home to help ensure a safe and relaxing experience for our cats. We will have plenty for you to play with them. 


  • Cats sleep 16+ hours per day, so we can’t guarantee that the cats will always be active or awake during visits.

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