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Pouring Coffee into Filter

Come Work with Us

Join the Frabjous Team

WE ARE HIRING for a part time barista for our coffee shop, 18+ to be able to serve and start sometime in February.
3 days during the week and every Saturday to start. Required shift hours are 2-8 Wed-Fri and Sat 10-6.
Besides our amazing beans, the key to excellent coffee is a combination of precise measurements and a consistent serving process.
You will be preparing and serving beverages to our Frabjous Catfe customers along with our regulars that can’t seem to go a day without our brew.
We are located two doors down from Restore and next to AJ's Salon in Wake Forest.
It’s going to be a pretty amazing and an awesome place to work. If we aren’t laughing and smiling then we are doing something wrong. A really fun group of people will work here with ranging ages.
There are days that will be very busy and there are days when you may just be reading a book.
So if you are interested, send in your info for me to be in touch.
Oh and the best part is you get to hang out with the cats in the Cheshire Lounge!

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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