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Want to spend more time in the Cheshire Lounge? Now you can sign up for a monthly membership!

  • Cheshire Membership

    Every month
    • Unlimited monthly visits for TWO in the Cheshire Lounge
    • 15% discount on Catfe items and merchandise
    • Get to know the cats on a personal level
    • Advanced reservations
    • Availability to members first for next session walk ins
    • Cancel anytime
  • Cat Meditation/Yoga

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • Instructional led class taught by a wellness leader
    • Meditation or yoga with the cats in the Cheshire Lounge
    • Bring a mat or blanket for comfort
    • 1 coffee, tea or water per session
    • No experience necessary
    • Virtual participation available for Thursday meditation

When booking online reservations, you will pay $0 at checkout. If you walk in, please let our staff know that you are a member and you can check in. 

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